Service Available for the
Galaxy Note 10 | 10+

Genuine Samsung Water Filters

Carry-In One Hour Service **

Same Business Day Repairs **

Daily Milk Run Service

Genuine Samsung Parts

Samsung Certified Technicians

National Service Coverage

Sole Samsung Service Centre in NZ

Trusted by Insurers

Whiteware/ TV Loan Units

3 Months Repair Warranty

After hours / Weekend IH Service *

Prepaid Courier Services

* Terms and conditions apply.
** Applies to mobile phones and tablet products. Subject to part availability and backlog of jobs. Intermittent issues may take longer to assess.

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We carry out 3,000+ repairs each month and service a wide range of Samsung appliances and devices including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, televisions, home theatre systems, monitors, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras.

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