• Manufacturer’s warranty period according to product category

Product Category

Manufacturer’s Warranty Period

Mobile Phones / Tablets 2 Years
Televisions 1 Year
Refrigerators 2 Years
Washing Machines 2 Years
Dryers 2 Years
  • Issues arising from impact damage, liquid damage or user misuse will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and charges will apply for inspection and repair.
  • Our workmanship guarantee is 3 months. If the same fault arises within 3 months from repair, we will cover your repair free of charge. Please note that other unrelated defects that may arise after repair are not covered by this guarantee.
  • Please ensure to book a service through the place of purchase if you have product extended warranty as a claim needs to be lodged and a claim number needs to be provided to us.
  • Different warranty periods may apply to your Samsung Gear S2 watch depending on your place of purchase. Please provide your purchase receipt and we can confirm the exact warranty period that applies


Service Regarding Overseas Samsung Mobile Phone Devices
Please note that international warranty does not apply to overseas Samsung Mobile Phone devices unless an international warranty card is provided for that particular product.
However, Samsung NZ is offering to cover overseas model repairs under warranty on a best effort basis if the conditions below are met:

  1. Proof of purchase is provided to show that the Samsung device has been purchased via a sales channel authorized by Samsung Electronics and not through a person or store selling parallel imported devices.
  2. Date on the proof of purchase shows that the device is still within warranty period and there is no physical damage, liquid damage or user misuse voiding the warranty on the device.
  3. The device was purchased while you were living in the relevant country of origin and you are visiting NZ on a holiday, business trip or have migrated to NZ after purchasing the device.

As an authorized service centre of Samsung NZ, we are strictly forbidden from providing service for any Parallel Imported devices. Please seek service options via the store you have purchased the device from.

Please also note that the warranty cover for overseas models is subject to review by Samsung NZ and there is a possibility that we will not be able to source the required parts for repair. An assessment fee of $50 + GST is payable upfront which is refundable if Samsung NZ decides to cover the service charges.