Carry-In One Hour Service

Same Business Day Repairs

Daily Milk Run Service

Genuine Samsung Parts

Carry-In One Hour Service

Carry-In One Hour Service

One and Only CSP in NZ

Trusted by Insurers

Whiteware/ TV Loaners

3 Months Repair Warranty

After hours/ Weekend IH Service

Prepaid Courier Bags

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We carry out 3,000+ repairs each month and service a wide range of Samsung appliances and devices including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, televisions, home theatre systems, monitors, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras.

What our Customers Say

“Technician was friendly, helpful and gave a full explanation of fault & repair. A real nice guy to deal with.”

Ian from West Auckland

“I was very impressed with the quick fridge repair. Your team was efficient and pleasant to deal with.” Dawn from Pakuranga Heights

“You and the staff at Samsung NZ repair centre have been fantastic, and it reinstated our belief and support for the Samsung Products”

Tony from Kohimarama

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