• Manufacturer’s warranty period according to product category

Product Category

Manufacturer’s Warranty Period

Mobile Phones / Tablets 2 Years
Televisions 1 Year
Refrigerators 2 Years
Washing Machines 2 Years
Dryers 2 Years
  • Please note that international warranty does not apply for your Samsung product unless you are able to present an international warranty card.
  • Issues arising from impact damage, liquid damage or user misuse will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and charges will apply for inspection and repair.
  • Our workmanship guarantee is 3 months. If the same fault arises within 3 months from repair, we will cover your repair free of charge. Please note that other unrelated defects that may arise after repair are not covered by this guarantee.
  • Please ensure to book a service through the place of purchase if you have product extended warranty as a claim needs to be lodged and a claim number needs to be provided to us.
  • About OBF / ELF Criteria. Sometimes phones don’t work straight out of the box, or fail within a short period of time after purchase. In these cases, a customer may be eligible for a brand new replacement phone as opposed to a warranty repair.


Product Category

OBF Period

ELF Period

Mobile Phones / Tablets
Washing Machines